December 13, 2016

Q&A with Designer Lindsay Chambers

Lindsay Chambers, of the eponymous residential interior design firm, Lindsay Chambers, talks about her focus on transitional design and what she is working on now!

by New York Spaces

New American Tudor Home by Lindsay Chambers
Interior Design by Lindsay Chambers.
Lindsay Chambers Interior Design
Interior Design by Lindsay Chambers.

NYS: What does your firm specialize in?

Lindsay Chambers: Residential interior design and furniture design.

NYS: How would you describe your projects? Is there an underlying aesthetic that defines your firm?

Lindsay Chambers: We specialize in transitional interior design and furnishings with clean lines and an understated elegance. Our projects have been exclusively located in California but we have plans to expand.

NYS: What have some of your recent projects focused on? What is a favorite and why?

Lindsay Chambers: A lot of my work lately has been focused on recreating a new version of the old. We just finished a New American Tudor project, where we put a 2010s spin on a 1920s Tudor design.

Lindsay Chambers
Interior Design by Lindsay Chambers.

NYS: If you could build your dream house anywhere, where would it be and what would it look like?

Lindsay Chambers: I would build a modern farm house, complete with my own garden and a few farm animals, in the foothills of one of California's wine country towns overlooking the beautiful vineyards of the area.

NYS: What do you love about mixing modern elements with classic design? What do you think it adds to an overall look?

Lindsay Chambers: I love classic design, but mixing in modern elements make you feel like you are living in the present. That the design is timeless, but it is also yours and not belonging to the past.

NYS: How do you approach a project that exudes California cool? How do you design your projects to fit into the landscape?

Lindsay Chambers Interior design
Interior Design by Lindsay Chambers.

Lindsay Chambers: Because of the temperate weather in California, I encourage my clients to blend indoor and outdoor living space into their home. I want them to bring the outdoors in and have the home feel more connected to the beautiful California landscape. A couple of ways to achieve this is through walls of glass as the exterior wall, Nana Wall Systems that fold back so the back wall of the home disappears, or using a stone material for the exterior decking that then continues into the living space inside the home.

NYS: What is one of your go-to resources today?

Lindsay Chambers: I like Dering Hall. It's a good resource when I don't have time to run to the Design Center or source an item that is outside of my area, like in New York for instance.

NYS: What are you working on now?

Lindsay Chambers
Design by Lindsay Chambers.

Lindsay Chambers: A number of different projects. But one of my favorites is helping a Stanford History Professor renovate and design her dream home on Stanford campus.

NYS: What is on the horizon for Lindsay Chambers?

Lindsay Chambers: I'm finally designing a house for myself! I'm currently renovating Megan Mullally's old house in the Hollywood Hills, and I cannot wait to move in.

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