October 27, 2016

Q&A with Fast-Casual, Nutrient-Dense Restaurant, ReViVer!

At fast-casual restaurant ReViVer, the brainchild of three lifelong friends, balanced, nutritious, pure, and clean food is served without losing rich flavor.

by New York Spaces

Reviver annbritt newey
ReViVer. Interior Design by AnnBritt Newey of ABN Design.
The Nutrient Score, Reviver

Where did the idea for ReViVer germinate and what made it come to fruition?

ReViVer: The idea came when three lifelong friends went on a ski trip and realized there were no truly healthy, delicious and affordable places to eat. On that trip they decided to create a restaurant with enough variety and flavor that you would want to eat there every day, and so good for you that you could!

NYS: What is each partners background, and how have they each contributed to what ReViVer is now?

ReViVer: The partners involved have very different backgrounds. Together, they create a well-balanced, driven team!

Chef Scott, from Hell's Kitchen, is the culinary creator. He is committed to honest, clean cooking using wholesome ingredients. This commitment, combined with his extensive background in the culinary arts, has naturally produced high-quality nutrition and even better tasting food. He works to ensure that the ReViVer menu and kitchen uphold the culinary standards of the finest restaurants with all the convenience and prices of a fast casual restaurant.

Reviver the nutrient score
ReViVer; Interior Design by AnnBritt Newey; Mural by artist June Jung.

Bill McDermond is an original partner of Under Armour. His executive experience at UA has proven to be invaluable in the development and growth of Reviver. Todd Horowitz is the entrepreneurial spirit. He has had a successful career as an entrepreneur in wholesale and online food distribution. Together they work on operations, management, marketing, branding—the list goes on! They have to wear many different hats in this business—and wear them well!

NYS: What is the Nutrient Score and what are some of the Nutrients evaluated?

ReViVer: The Nutrient Score is a measurement of a meal's nutrient density. It tells you how much nutrition you are getting per calorie. It is based on 10 Key nutrients that all work together to optimize health and well-being. Vitamin A, E, C, and Calcium to name a few! A meal must be high in all these nutrients and low in added sugars and other empty calories to score well and make the ReViVer menu. You no longer have to guess if your meal is good for you!

Reviver Annbritt newey, todd horowitz
ReViVer: "Culinary Art Backed by Nutrition Science."

NYS: What are the Four Food Principles that pervade each meal?

ReViVer: Each menu item also adheres to the Four Food Principles—Balanced, Nutritious, Pure, and Clean. Every item is balanced in the three primary macronutrients. Every meal is nutrient dense. ReViVer has also set specific targets for important food groups and nutrients that are typically lacking in American diets. At ReViVer the food is also pure and never processed. They use whole grains, pure, unadulterated oils and natural sweeteners. The kitchen never uses hydrogenated oils, refined flour or sugars. Finally the ingredients are clean. All of ReViVer's meat, poultry and fish are produced without antibiotics or added hormones!

NYS: We love that the motto is "Culinary Art, Backed by Nutrition Science." How hard was it come up with each dish, how much testing went into each?

ReViVer: Brainstorming and researching potential dishes was the fun part. Travelling and eating at ethnic restaurants for inspiration was even better. Creating the authentic ReViVer dishes and adhering to the nutritional science guidelines in the test kitchen was the challenge! Achieving culinary excellence took between ten to twenty rounds of testing per menu item. It was exhausting yet rewarding!

NYS: What are some Dish Favorites and what do they consist of?

ReViVer: The Loco Moco is a Polynesian dish that Chef Scott discovered when he was the lead culinary

reviver nyc
The Nutrient Score. Interior Design by AnnBritt Newey of ABN Design.

consultant for Mick Fleetwood's new restaurant in Maui. The ReViVer version is a house made chicken burger served over rice and beans with sautéed spinach and tomatoes. It is topped with an over easy egg and finished with fresh tomatillo sauce. Delicious!

Our Mahi Curry is another favorite. It is a combination of Chef Scott's favorite Curry's from around the world. It cleverly mixes red and green curry with a hint of coconut. It has freshly roasted butternut squash, a vegetable meddle and long grain brown rice. It is served with a beautiful piece of grilled, line caught Mahi and topped with Avocado Salsa Verde.

The Steak and Fig salad is a surprising mix of ingredients that all magically work together and taste great! Steak and blue cheese combined with mission figs is mixed with a unique tomato tarragon dressing. It is paired with crunchy whole wheat croutons. A true culinary creation and ReViVer customers love it!

NYS: We are so excited about your new Flatiron Space! What are the hours and what does it offer that the other location/s might not?

ReViVer: ReViVer has recently opened their second location near the Flatiron—303 Park Avenue South at 23rd St. They are open for lunch and dinner from 11AM–10PM. This location is much larger and offers a more comfortable environment to dine-in!

Reviver, todd horowitz
Reviver. Interior Design by AnnBritt Newey of ABN Design.

NYS: Tell us about the design concept? It's décor resembles a fine dining restaurant! Who was behind it and what was the goal?

ReViVer: ReViVer worked closely with AnnBritt Newey, the principal of ABN Design Inc. Reviver's goals were to create an inviting, unique and comfortable environment. AnnBritt Newey truly believed that the design had to also be elevated and sophisticated to match ReViVer's menu. She specified luxurious, rich materials that speak to ReViVer's quality ingredients and meticulous preparation rooted in fine dining.

NYS: Give us some of the details behind the design choices? It appears to all be so carefully thought out!

ReViVer: AnnBritt believes in contrast, drama and bringing in the unexpected so ReViVer's customers feel they are discovering something new. She enjoyed creating a strong, rich interior that was inviting and not too busy. Blackened steel columns with bronze metal detailing and custom black-matte millwork create a powerful contrast with the white marble floors. The black-and-white finishes serve as a perfect backdrop to the bright, bold blue banquette and paint color— now coined as the 'ReViVer' blue. It is truly an invigorating color! The seating area is separate from the hustle and bustle of people ordering and picking up their meals. The high-backed banquette creates drama and a perfect viewing spot of the custom wall mural on the opposite wall. Playful, decorative lighting was carefully selected to tie in with the décor and add an element of the unexpected. It was important that the interior be as unique as ReViVer's menu.

NYS: We love the mural that dominates one of the walls? What was the idea behind it and who is the artist?

ReViVer: ABN Design wanted the interior to also speak to the 'art' side of ReViVer's motto "Culinary Art backed by

Reviver annbritt newey

Nutrition Science." The long wall opposite the banquette was a perfect opportunity for a mural. It had to be large scaled, vibrant and dramatic—a real statement piece. ABN Design worked closely with ReViVer on developing the content—everyday people inspired by health and activity. The content of the mural was simple but the execution had to be edgy. ABN Design commissioned renowned tattoo artist June Jung to create the piece. She did an incredible job illustrating the people and incorporating color, drama and interest. Her style is a perfect balance of edge and beauty! It is truly a special piece that speaks to ReViVer's culture.

NYS: What separates ReViVer from other restaurants that advertise the same type of healthy eating concept?

ReViVer: There are a lot of fads, marketing, and misinformation about what is "healthy eating." The founders of ReViVer wanted to define "healthy eating" and determine what we should be eating for overall lifelong health. They decided to turn to science for proven answers. They partnered with licensed nutritionist, Monica Reinagel, to mine data from the most respected institutions and universities around the world for the most progressive, up-to-date nutritional information. With this knowledge, they created the Nutrient Score and Four Food Principles. There are many other fast casual restaurants that claim to be healthy and nutritious but have nothing to back up their product. No other restaurant has been able to accurately define what healthy actually means and rate their menu items with a nutritional score. ReViVer provides their customers a truly nutritious, convenient, curated, fresh and elevated dining experience!

NYS: What new dishes (if any) are you planning on adding to the menu?

Reviver AnnBritt Newey
Reviver. Interior Design by AnnBritt Newey of ABN Design.

ReViVer: The menu at ReViVer is always evolving and growing. Chef Scott and the team find inspiration from every corner of the globe! They take no shortcuts and accept no compromises—if it does not deliver exceptional flavor and optimal nutrition, it does not make the menu. They are currently developing a Jamaican inspired Jerk Chicken. Cannot wait!

NYS: Can you PLEASE open one in Brooklyn? Williamsburg and especially DUMBO are in dire need of a ReViVer!

ReViVer: There are so many areas of New York City that are void of reasonably priced, healthy, fast casual eating! ReViVer would love to open up in Brooklyn!

NYS: What is on the horizon for ReViVer?

ReViVer: ReViVer has caught the attention of many people who are interested in helping ReViVer grow in New York City and other cities around the country! ReViVer will continue to educate their customer on quality, healthy, inspiring food! Stay tuned!

ReViVer Flatiron is located at 303 Park Avenue South, NYC. ReViVer Columbus Circle is located at 934 8th Ave., NYC.

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