March 7, 2016

Q&A with Kerry Delrose

Interior designer Kerry Delrose gives us a quick look into his new projects and design aesthetic!

by New York Spaces

Kerry Delrose
Photo Courtesy of Delrose Design Group.
Delrose design group
Kerry Delrose

Kerry Delrose has been producing fresh, modern interiors for high-end residential clients for more than two decades. In 2015, he became one of our Top 50 designers. Here is a quick Q&A we did with him at the event celebrating the winners.

NYS: Where are you from originally?

Kerry Delrose: I'm originally from Chicago, Illinois.

And what brings you to New York?

Kerry Delrose: I worked for Warner Brothers for many years, and I moved here in 1985.

How would you describe your design sensibility, and how have your education and travels influenced your work?

Kerry Delrose: I have an economics and finance degree from Georgetown, and I came late to the dance of interior design—it's been 14, almost 15 years now? Our design has a very clean, modern aesthetic...we like everything simple.

How do you feel about design as compared to economics?

Kerry Delrose: It's really funny you should ask! My partner is one of the directors of Ralph Lauren Home—he started Ralph Lauren home—and he asked: "do you have a passion, do you really want to do this?" And I said I needed to walk away. And he said: "Walk away. Do what you really love!" That's the oldest, corniest line in the book, but it's true: Do what you really love. So I did.

NYS: How would you describe your personal aesthetic?

Kerry Delrose: Elegant, clean...cashmeres, wools, beautiful, simple—we hate tchotchkes. You can put that in there, we hate tchotchkes! Our work is very clean and simple, we don't like a lot of clutter/dust collectors.

NYS: Because the last thing anyone wants to do is clean! Is there anything else you want to add...about your career, your ambitions, the future...

Kerry Delrose: I can't think of a thing. Our ambition is to do really good work. And what's really interesting is we've never previously done commercial and hospitality, and yet we seem to be on fire with commercial and hospitality.

NYS: What projects are you working on?

Kerry Delrose: We're doing a hotel out in Aspen, a hotel complex in Czechoslovakia, a boutique hotel down in Palm Beach—and these are projects we normally don't do. I'm a high-end residential designer. But it's interesting. There are always new avenues for design.

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