January 27, 2017

Q&A with Nancy Lahaie and Marie-Claude Marchand from deiNERI

deiNERI is introducing stand'ART—a freestanding system that takes paintings, photographs and visual art off the wall for the very first time.

by New York Spaces

deiNERI; Jean-Claude Poitras and Omen.

NYS: Q&A with Nancy Lahaie and Marie-Claude Marchand from deiNERI

Nancy Lahaie; Marie-Claude Marchand.

NYS: What does deiNERI do?

deiNERI is introducing an innovative and unique, patent pending product: the stand'ART. It is a freestanding system that takes paintings, photographs and visual art off the wall for the very first time.

It perfectly combines art and design where a stunning work of art is mounted into a high quality steel modular unit. It has been conceived for both outdoor and indoor environments, to infuse spaces with elegance and personality.

NYS: Why do you think it's ground-breaking to have two-dimensional art? What possibilities are you foreseeing with this innovative new way to display art?

Nancy Lahaie
deiNERI; Fraçois Trottier.

It's ground-breaking on many levels. First, you don't need walls anymore to hang an artwork! Imagine the possibilities this opens up.

Actually, as Nikki Field from Sotheby's International Realty pointed out in the Art Issue of New York Spaces, walls are more and more scarce which makes it difficult to incorporate the art collection of a customer into these beautiful glass-walled homes. This is why, the stand'ART answers real needs when it comes to contemporary lifestyles living.

deiNERI; Vicki Filliault.

Additionally, the innovation also comes from the fact that the stand'ART allows for art to go outside. The notion of home extension today encompasses visions of living, dining, cooking and entertaining outdoors. deiNERI leads the way in fulfilling this dream by bringing the joy of art into your favourite environment, adding beauty, warmth, intimacy and emotional expression to your terraces and gardens.

The stand'ART is totally unconstrained as to installation location, and is as much a practical solutions to challenges of privacy, separating spaces, and managing flow, as they contribute aesthetic of any space.

You can now add a touch of personality via a work of art anywhere you want, outdoor or indoor, without having to worry about how to hang it anymore. That is what we mean by "Art without boundaries".

deiNERI; Liz Davidson.

NYS: We love that you can display art outside in a sculpture garden sort of way! What protects the art from the elements?

Actually the majority of our research and development focused on that specific aspect. Our goal was to create a high quality product, so special considerations went into the material and paint technology selection ensuring the best durability. It took us 18 months to reach the standard we had set.

Special inks and varnishes are used to ensure the color will last on original artworks, limited editions or photographs even under sunny, rainy or saline mist conditions.

NYS: What three formats does stand'ART offer?

stand'ART comes in three different sizes (8, 12 or 24 inches in depth). You can also choose between two heights

deiNERI; Fraçois Trottier.

18 or 30 inches tall. All of them are 18 inches wide and they all can be used outdoor and indoor.

NYS: Is there a difference in process when introducing paintings vs photographs?

Yes, there is a difference in the process we use whether if it is a painting or a photograph. However, it mainly depends on where you would like to display the artwork or photographs: indoor or outdoor.

For outdoor use, the original work of art will be coated with a special varnish and the photograph or limited edition will use special inks to ensure that the color won't fade and it will last through the seasons.

For indoor use, a special frame that goes in the base will allow your art to be free standing. You can repurpose a canvas or a face-mounted photograph you already own or select a piece from our Art Scene collection.

NYS: What kind of art does your debut collection consist of?

deiNERI; ?Liz Davidson.

The collection marries the passion and elegance of the work of emerging and renowned artists, selected as much for the quality and originality of artistic expression as for the personality statement they evoke. Being abstract, minimalist, photograph, figurative, non-figurative or urban/street art, deiNERI desire is to be a source of inspiration and creation accessible to all.

NYS: Can a homeowner use a painting or custom artwork they own with stand'ART?

Absolutely, we work with homeowners and designers' artwork or photographs. We make it easy for our customer to integrate the stand'ART into their environment. Just contact us for more details.

NYS: Where can we find displays of stand'ART? Where can we purchase it now?

The best way for now is to order online via our website at www.deineri.com or simply call us to discuss a particular project at (514) 727-1571.

We will also be soon announcing a number of points of purchase throughout North-America, so stay tuned...

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