February 18, 2016

Q&A with Radish Moon Founder, Sarah Nicholas Williams

Sarah Williams, the artist behind the fantastical Radish Moon collection of children's paintings, answered our questions on her new endeavor of hand-illustrated linen fabrics.

by New York Spaces

Radish Moon
Radish Moon
Sarah Williams, Radish Moon
Sarah Williams, Radish Moon

NYS: When did you start Radish Moon and where did the name come from?

Sarah Williams: I started Radish Moon in 2010 as a children's collection of watercolor "animals in character." The collection includes driftwood framed prints, wooden jigsaw puzzles, porcelain dishes, linen pillows, and a limited edition picture book.

I decided on "Radish Moon" as a tribute to my (distant and diluted) Native American roots. My great grandfather was half Iroquois and my father was very proud of that.

NYS: When did you start your fabric line and what was the inspiration for the collection?

SW: The fabric collection just launched this January, though I've been working on it steadily for more than a year.

Sarah williams, radish moon
Sarah Williams' Feather and Flora collection, Radish Moon

The flora that was the background for my animal portraits began to steal my interest, and I thought the time was right. It's something I've always wanted to do.

NYS: How do you create these fabrics?

SW: All of the designs are ink and watercolor and hand-illustrated and then printed on this incredible Belgian linen that I think really sets these fabrics apart from others.

Sarah Williams, Radish Moon
Sarah Williams, Radish Moon

NYS: It is so refreshing to get an artist who has such a whimsical style. Who or What inspires you and your designs?

SW: The inspiration comes from many things. The natural world, clearly, as I've always been a collector of petals, vines, feathers and pods. But it's the whimsy you mention that is the driving inspiration. I wanted to turn the natural into the fantastical.

I've also always been inspired by old frescoes, Turkish tiles, Chinoiserie, English fairytale illustrations, and Native American art and textiles.

NYS: Where is your collection available? Trade/retail?

SW: The Feather and Flora fabric collection is available to the trade at John Rosselli & Associates in New York, and will soon be featured at Supply in Austin, Texas. My children's pillows are sold at ABC Home and online at Radish Moon.

NYS: If you could describe your fabric collection in a few words what would they be?

Sarah Williams, Radish Moon
Sarah Williams, Radish Moon

SW: Whimsical, elegant, and unique.

NYS: What is your favorite design in the collection? We love the radish in your logo by the way!

SW: My favorite at the moment is Orange Grove (orange trees with connecting trunks.) I also really love Sumac, and Feather Ferns.

NYS: When someone views your fabrics at John Rosselli & Associates, what thoughts or impressions do you want them to take away from them?

SW: I hope they will see that the designs are hand-drawn and imagination brought to life. I'd like my designs to make people smile but also to impress them. Mostly, I'm thrilled that people are finding them beautiful enough to live with in their homes.

NYS: Any new designs in the works right now? What is on the horizon for 2016?

SW: There are new designs in the works, yes. There will be more trees, more neutral palette prints, a few more black and white, and some abstract or geometric designs. I will definitely be adding other ground cloths, such as hemp and silk. I also hope to expand my offerings to bedding, throws and rugs and would love to collaborate with a contemporary furniture designer as well.

Sarah Williams, Radish Moon
Sarah Williams, Radish Moon

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