Q&A With Eve Herman of Highland Park

by New York Spaces

New York Spaces:   Tell us about yourself and Highland Park—how did you become an antiques and furnishings dealer?
Eve Herman:   My love for mid-century furnishings really started when I was a child. I was raised in a very typical American home for which many of the furniture designers of the time geared their designs towards. My family moved frequently and I became very influenced by the constant purchase of new furnishings. I also watched the quality of furniture evolve along with my parents’ careers.  Each new location we moved to exposed me to numerous designers and styles native to those locations. As a child, I spent much of my time in museums, which helped my imagination grow. As I got older, I eventually started going to local furniture stores on my own and found myself drawn to a world inspired by design. It was a very organic learning process that taught me a lot and which to this day allows me to continue to pursue my passion through my business.

New York Spaces:   What inspires you and the unique pieces you collect?
Eve Herman:   The pieces I select come from a place of comfort, reminding me of my childhood surroundings. I have always had a magnetic attraction to the transparency and fluidity of water, and therefore a lot of my collection tends to contain some component of glass or Lucite.

New York Spaces:   How does Highland Park Antique and Contemporary Furnishings cater to interior designers and architects?
Eve Herman:   I curate quality and unique items that meet the high standards design professionals look for when selecting furnishings and accessories to complete their creative projects. Highland Park Antique is also located in the highly notable New York Design Center, which caters to design professionals, making my business easily accessible as well.

New York Spaces:   What makes Highland Park Antique and Contemporary Furnishings unique from other dealers?
Eve Herman:   What I do is not just a business, but also a passion. Rather than being driven by competition, I keep true to my instincts and sense of business. I strongly believe in having personal relationships with my clients and connecting with them as selecting furniture is a very personal experience. My clients are my top priority and I am always willing to go above and beyond to make sure they are happy. Symbiotic-like relationships develop with my clients revolving around personal taste, aesthetic and sentiment in the pieces I select.

New York Spaces:   Do you represent several eras in your pieces or one in particular?
Eve Herman:   My collection is a definite representation of the mid-20th century, mainly focused on the 50s through the 70s. I don’t tend to favor any one era in particular since it is the varying pieces and evolution of style seen throughout the mid-century that I gravitate towards as a curator.

New York Spaces:   What trends are you noticing from your buyers?
Eve Herman:   My clients tend to be eclectic in their selections as far as furniture and accessories go. I do notice that many are focusing their style more on mid-century modern pieces since they blend well with varioius other styles. Clients, more than ever, are influencing their designer’s purchases. I am seeing more bespoke decorating where the selections being made are more of a development of the clients’ lifestyles rather than just of a particular visual aesthetic.

New York Spaces:   What is the nature of your relationship with 1stdibs? How has it influenced your company's success?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Eve Herman:   I started with 1stdibs a few years ago and it has been an amazing relationship from day one. Not only has 1stdibs helped me reach a global market, but founder Michael Bruno has successfully developed and maintained personal business relations with each dealer and is deservingly well-respected in the international design community.  Being a part of the 1stdibs community allows me to display and sell my well-curated collection while maintaining highly personalized relationships with my clients, which is important to me. My business is thriving in part from the momentum 1stdibs has created on a global scale—my business would not be where it is today without the extensive exposure.