July 28, 2017

Shop Clarissa Alcock-Bronfman's Mod Southampton Pop-Up

Clarissa Alcock-Bronfman's Pop Up Collective will take place through September 6th at 42A Jobs Lane in Southampton carrying everything from home goods, to fashion and jewelry.

by Nicole Haddad

Clarissa Alcock-Bronfman's Pop-Up in Southampton Roshanak Malek
Jewelry by Clarissa Alcock-Bronfman.
Clarissa Bronfman.
Jewelry by Clarissa Alcock-Bronfman.

NYS: We are so excited about your Pop Up Collective in Southampton! Tell us about it.

Clarissa Alcock-Bronfman: A Pop Up is a great concept to bring small entrepreneurs—particularly women—together under the same roof. The members of the Pop Up work as a collaborative in order to promote each other's brands. What is more special than helping each other in a beautiful place like the Hamptons?

NYS: Is this the first time you have done it? What companies and products have you sourced and are most excited about?

Clarissa Alcock-Bronfman: This is the second year I am a curating the Pop Up with my friend Roshanak Malek. This year, we opened a second shop next door. We are excited about all the brands that have entrusted us with their products. They are all unique in their own special way and we love them all.

NYS: How did the idea and implementation of your Pop-Up come about?

Jewelry by Clarissa Alcock-Bronfman.
Jewelry by Clarissa Alcock-Bronfman.

My own product is a fine jewelry collection called Clarissa Bronfman. I am lucky to have a wonderful following of amazing and loyal clients, many of whom spend their summers in the Hamptons. Many people asked me to do something there, so I took the plunge with a Pop Up.

NYS: We are also really excited about your personal jewelry designs we can shop! What kind of pieces will you offer?

The whole collection of my jewelry is represented at the Pop Up. We have our signature talisman necklaces that represent many aspect of what women love: protection, passion, power, healing, naughtiness, courage, good energy, friendship and more. We also have customized word bracelets and many other beautiful things like bead necklaces, charms, rings, etc.

Jewelry by Clarissa Alcock-Bronfman.
Jewelry by Clarissa Alcock-Bronfman.

NYS: When did you start designing jewelry?

Clarissa Alcock-Bronfman: I started designing jewelry just before I moved to London and I got even more inspired while I was there. My friends were very supportive—they gave me the courage to go from there to where I am today. I always loved my mom and grandma's jewelry and played around with them as a child. In my childhood, it was very much a custom to give jewelry on special occasions and I have treasured the amazing charms I got from my family. So, for my very first necklace, I used all my childhood charms and combined them with different religious charms I'd collected to represent Tolerance.

NYS: We love their whimsical yet meaningful nature. What inspires your designs?

Clarissa Alcock-Bronfman: Five years ago, when I started designing, diversity and tolerance were not represented in jewelry. I am part of a blended family. I am married to a wonderful Jewish man, I am Catholic, he is American and I am Venezuelen with a German and English background. My stepchildren are African American. I don't think it can get more blended that that! Acceptance is essential for me in every aspect of life and it's not always easy to learn or follow.

Slater Zorn: Light Blue + White Collection
Slater Zorn: Light Blue + White Collection.

NYS: Where can we find your jewelry after the Pop Up is over?

Clarissa Alcock-Bronfman: My collection will coming to Bergdorf Goodman starting in October—as you can imagine I am thrilled and over the moon!

NYS: As a known art collector, how has this influenced the nature of your Pop-Up?

Clarissa Alcock-Bronfman: I try very hard to have a discerning eye. I bring that same vision to my own designs and to the products and artists who have joined my at Pop Up.

Alt For Living Throw
Throw from Alt for Living.

NYS: What is next on the horizon for you?

Clarissa Alcock-Bronfman: I am in discussions to open other Pop Ups in other locations. I want to exhibit my photography, it means a great deal to me. I am organizing some great events as vice-chair of Carnegie Hall, and at the same time, I recently founded Guggenheim's Latin American committee which I'm co-chairing. I'm also continuing my involvement with NYU Langone Health, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Philadelphia Museum, and MoMA. One thing that is very dear and important to me is trying to do whatever I can from this part in the world to help my country, Venezuela, which is in such horrible disarray.

Clarissa Alcock-Bronfman's Pop Up Collective will take place through September 6th at 42A Jobs Lane. Hours: 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Wednesday through Monday.

Clarissa Alcock-Bronfman's Pop Up
Clarissa Alcock-Bronfman's Pop Up Collective is located at 42A Jobs Lane, Southampton.

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