October 8, 2017

Small Living Tips from Interior Designer Gina Gutierrez

Gina Gutierrez, founder and lead designer of Gina Rachelle Design, shares her favorite tips and recommendations to tackle small space design and make the most of the square footage you have.

by New York Spaces

Gina Gutierrez.

Determine a common theme: Whether you're going for a modern look, bohemian, industrial or something else, it is important to determine one common theme. A fusion of styles is great, but it must be consistent and flow.

Gina Gutierrez
Coffee table to dining table.

Multi-Use Furniture: Think of ways to get more than one use out of your furniture pieces. For example, purchase a coffee table that can be transformed into a dining table, a bed that has storage drawers underneath and even sofas with built-in storage space underneath.

Gina Gutierrez
Gina Gutierrez.


Use Mirrors and Windows: Mirrors and windows are a great way to make your small space seem larger and taller. Mirrors bounce light to give the illusion of a bigger space and floor to ceiling windows help create a larger appearance.

Gina Gutierrez
Limit color choices.

Limit Color Choices: With such a small space, there is not enough room to build completely separate color palettes. It's important to use complementary colors and palettes that are cohesive for the home as a whole.

Gina Gutierrez
Style Modesty.

Style Modestly: Limit your metal finishes and be sure to have no more than two per room. If your space does not have a lot of natural light, layer your lighting features by trading off between floor lamps, table lamps, and wall sconces. And, get rid of clutter to make sure everything has its own place.

About Gina Gutierrez
Gina's work has garnered attention in every area of her business efforts. Her design projects have garnered the attention of the San Francisco Chronicle, Domino Magazine, Parachute Home, CB2, Unison Home, Schoolhouse Electric, The Business Journals and more. Gina's ability to create, organize, and structure diverse business operations, as well as cultivate memorable brand stories, has made her a desirable mentor for multi-talented entrepreneurs over the last decade.

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