January 15, 2018

TRNK: An Edited One-Stop Design Shop on Bleecker Street

Carefully curated home furnishings from TRNK create a thoroughly modern space.

by Kaitlin Clark

Nick Nemecheck and Tariq Dixon. top: The Orbit Helios table lamp keeps company with the Orbit floor lamp and sculptural Échasse vase.
Left and right The Orbit Helios table lamp keeps company with
the Orbit floor lamp and sculptural Échasse vase. Nick Nemecheck and Tariq Dixon.


Few people are able to catapult personal passions into full-blown, successful businesses, but that's exactly what TRNK co-founders, Tariq Dixon and Nick Nemechek, have done.

The duo founded TRNK in 2013, after working together at Gilt Groupe, with a vision to offer internationally sourced items for a gentleman's home to create an environment that feels "collected, not decorated." With furnishings ranging from delicate Hasami Japanese porcelain to the minimalist simplicity of Shaker, TRNK's style is clean, uncluttered and welcoming, with plenty of texture and detail. To boot, TRNK offers furnishings and decor for every room in the house, from bedroom to kitchen—tabletop and lighting included—to other important, but often overlooked details, like shelving and storage, for a fully cohesive, masculine aesthetic.

Left and right: TRNK'S NoHo showroom highlights the Truss sofa—available in a fabric and leather combination—and the company's gallery wall digital print selections; A striking black and white wool Kilim rug.

The pair got their start hunting for vintage finds all over the Hudson Valley, and researched one-of-a-kind online boutiques, like Etsy, eBay, and Apartment Therapy's Classifieds, for buried vintage treasures. Not straying
too far from their roots, Dixon and Nemechek still source a substantial amount of TRNK's products from
antique shops around Brooklyn and New York City.

Dixon and Nemechek recently expanded to include the TRNK Collection, their first-ever self-designed product line. The inaugural release is their Truss line of furniture, a seating collection, which embodies a straightforward, sleek design aesthetic, and remains committed to American manufacturing.

Left and right: The Totem stackable stools by Estudio Persona include the multifunctional Totem design (middle), which features a wood tray that sits over a concrete base; The Astro Mobile light fixture is designed by Andrew Neyer

After visiting factories around the United States, Dixon and Nemechek settled on Los Angeles as the manufacturing homebase. Each piece is made to order, with more than 20 upholstery options, including the brand's signature fabric and leather combination.

With art, accents and statement furniture for every room, TRNK is an edited one stop shop and a truly one-of-a-kind online destination.

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