March 13, 2017

Take or Toss? Home Decor That Shouldn't Move into Your New Place

Moving to a new house can feel like starting all over. It consists of a new space, new neighborhood and hopefully, new decor. Cablemover brings us their tips on what to leave behind.

by Cablemover

Moving to a new house can feel like starting all over. It consists of a new space, new neighborhood and hopefully, new decor. While you don't need to toss everything that's part of your current home design scheme to the curb, you shouldn't take it all to your new home either. When it comes to transitioning into a new space, we recommend being strategic about what you pack. Old habits die hard but when it comes to certain home decor items, they should be laid to rest before you move.

Home Decor Items to Pack and Those to Leave Behind

By: Cablemover

Personal Portraits and Artwork.

If you've had your ear to the home design news of the past several years, minimalism and open space has been a resounding theme. As more homeowners continue to downsize their homes, oversized furniture and decor trends are losing their appeal as well. If you've embraced overstuffed couches, end tables and mirrors in the past, moving into a new home can be the perfect time to go for a sharper, cleaner and more modern look. Your new digs will look more spacious if you leave the oversized decor at your old home--you'll save tons on movers as well!

Bonus Tip: If you need to find a moving truck rental to fit all your furniture and home decor items, check out CableMover's Moving Truckulator. It'll calculate the total weight of your move and find the right sized moving truck to fit it all.

Take: Personal Portraits & Artwork

2017 is the Year of Mixing Metals.

When it comes to home decor, personal portraits and art pieces are the most meaningful. Even though packing photos and art work should be done with the utmost care and can take some time, it's well worth the effort. Your personal art and family photos communicate more than just a stylish home, it tells your story. We are 100% on board with packing up and transporting every single one of them to your new home.

Toss: All Brass Everything

It's safe to say that 2016 was the year of brass everything. From brass accents to ornaments, and more, the home decor industry overdid this metal trend last year. However, 2017 is the year of mixing metals and if you embraced the brass trend last year, it's best that you release it before you move. Instead, opt for oil-rubbed bronze, chrome fittings and hardware that have a more elegant and timeless feel.

Take: Classic Pottery & Handmade Sculptures

If there's one golden rule to follow when it comes to stylish decor, it's to go against the trends. Sometimes, overly trendy items can lose value even before you get home from the store. However, opting for classic decor like pottery and hand-made sculptures never goes out of style. If you have simple yet elegant pottery and ornaments, it'll look just as beautiful in your new home as it did in your old one.

Moving into a new home space is an exciting time, especially when it comes to styling your new digs. Knowing what to take and what to bid farewell to will result in a new and upgraded version of your old space--new space, new decor, indeed!

Classic Pottery and Handmade Sculptures.

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