January 25, 2018

'Textile Meditations: Mary Fisher and Friends' is on view at the Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach

Mary Fisher's engaging textile works are on view at the Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach, Florida, through February 10th.

by New York Spaces

Mary Fisher Artist
Artwork by Mary Fisher; Photograph by Kris Tamburello.
Mary Fisher Artist
Artist Mary Fisher; Photograph by Kris Tamburello.

NYS: When and why did you start your company The Good Deed Collection?

Mary Fisher: The Good Deed Collection was started 10 years ago through my work with women in Africa. Three years ago we added the 100 Good Deeds Bracelet, the bracelet is currently made in seven countries.

NYS: What kind of designs do you offer and where do you source them?

Mary Fisher: The jewelry designs are mine and the design usually comes to me in my sleep. :)

NYS: We love your artwork. Tell us about it and your current exhibition! When is it on view until?

Mary Fisher: It's on view through February 10th. I create the patterns with help from my studio team. I display them on my fine art as well as in my collection with Lee Jofa.

NYS: How do you feel about being the Armory's first international textile arts show?

Mary Fisher: I am feeling great about it. I think the Armory is happy it took a risk on this exhibit, and my fellow-

Mary Fisher Artist
Close-up of artwork by Mary Fisher; Photograph by Kris Tamburello..

artists were thrilled.

NYS: What draws you to working in textiles?

Mary Fisher: The vulnerability of fabric and other mediums that would not ordinarily be associated with textiles.

NYS: What do you think is most important about art and what allowing the creative nature to thrive implies or yields?

Mary Fisher: Art is a form of self-expression that demands you be honest with yourself and others. Sometimes that lends itself to advocacy or even resistance to things in the culture in which we live. The integrity of a good piece of art is incredibly satisfying.

NYS: Where is your studio? Do you ever participate in art open houses?

Pacha by Mary Fisher
"Pacha" by Mary Fisher.

Mary Fisher: My studio is in West Palm Beach and I occasionally do participate in open studios, but that occurance usually follows an event or through a special arrangement with friends.

NYS: Tell us about a regular day in your life?

Mary Fisher: I get up, shower, work in my studio, answer emails and calls, do necessary interviews or meetings. I try to stay in my studio until dinnertime, eat, and go to bed.

NYS: What are you working on now and are there any upcoming exhibitions on the horizon?

Mary Fisher: I'm three days past the opening of the current exhibition in West Palm Beach and, although we're in discussion with folks about "what's next," I haven't thought much beyond catching up on sleep.

Artwork by Mary Fisher
"Conscious Community" by Mary Fisher.

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