December 3, 2017

The American Cancer Society's Hope Lodge Bash Featured Ultra-Talented Newcomers

This year's Hope Lodge Bash featured a slew of beautiful tables created by designers new to the benefit—the results are beyond beautiful and full of hope!

by New York Spaces photographer Generic Brand Human Media Productions

Laura Krey
Design by Laura Krey.

Laura Krey Interior Design, HOpe Lodge
Design by Laura Krey.

The American Cancer Society's Hope Lodge is the only facility in Manhattan that provides no-cost housing to cancer patients and their primary caregivers from all over the world. On Tuesday, November 7th, the 10th Annual Hope Lodge Birthday Bash took place at Guastavino's to benefit the wonderful charity. The event was co-chaired by Ron & Sandy Diamond and Guillaume Gentet & David G. Carpenter, AIA. The designers below participated in the benefit event for the first time this fall—the results speak for themselves!

NYS: Can you please tell our readers why you decided to participate in the Hope Lodge Bash for the first time?

Design by Elizabeth Pash
Design by Elizabeth Pash.

Laura Krey: I decided to participate in the Hope Lodge Bash initially because of how attracted I was to the mission of the organization. A home base is important to every human being and even more so to those facing health challenges. What drew me in further were the designers and team, Guillaume Gentet, David G. Carpenter, AIA and Stacy Montero, who tirelessly organized everything. I have worked with a lot of charities and their events team and these three are some of the kindest you'll find. From the initial point of contact through the end of the event, I felt welcomed and supported.

Lyndsay MacRae
Lindsay MacRae.

Elizabeth Pash: I decided to participate in the Hope Lodge Birthday Bash because I lost my dear childhood friend Kathy Ann to breast cancer at a young age. Kathy Ann fought the disease courageously and with great determination. Her battle lasted for close to 17 years, while she continued working and being a loving mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend. She inspired everyone around her. I dedicated my table at the Birthday Bash to Kathy Ann and was so happy that Kathy Ann's sister Toni could attend the gala with me. I applaud Hope Lodge and all that it does to comfort families like Kathy Ann's on what is an uncertain and often painful journey.

Lindsay MacRae: My husband underwent cancer surgery a few years ago. We learned the importance of having

Taylor Spellman
Design by Taylor Spellman.

a comfortable place to stay with the support of family and friends while going through treatment. I was enthusiastic about helping to make sure that this support continues to be available through Hope Lodge. I am always happy to support a great charity and Hope Lodge is an amazing organization.

NYS: What was your design process like?

Taylor Spellman: My design process was a highly enjoyable experience as I got lost in all the gorgeous fabrics at the Robert Allen Showroom. From there I was able to create a sketch that embodied the excitement and celebratory vibe of the Birthday Bash. My inspiration came from the day I visited Hope Lodge and a desire to bring to life a classic New York City night with my tablescape.

Jeanine Williams
Design by Jeannine Williams.

Jeannine Williams: We approached this wonderful event with the idea of an exuberant table design celebrating a sophisticated dining experience. With that in mind we took inspiration from the style of Diana Vreeland and Gloria Vanderbilt and the attitude that more is better. So our table became a landscape of multiple fabrics and patterns, exotic birds, dancing monkeys and hanging lanterns to cast a warm glow over the tablescape.

Stacy Garcia: We were introduced to Hope Lodge and the Birthday Bash event after I had just returned from a trip to Morocco. Still feeling the Moroccan vibe, I quickly pulled the team together to get to work on creating a tablescape inspired by the colors, patterns, tastes and textures of my trip. We took liberties with the Moroccan theme as our tablecloth featured a traditional motif interpreted in a contemporary way. We used handwoven vessels from my trip to hold fruits and florals. One of the keys to our design philosophy is layer, layer, layer. The mixing and matching of our Stacy Garcia | New York for In2Green Eco-Throws stole the show as our chair covers! We loved that we were able to use them as unique design element as well as donate them to Hope Lodge after the show.

Design by Stacy Garcia
Design by Stacy Garcia.

NYS: How did you come up with the theme for your table?

Eric Haydel: My table theme was inspired by my sister's journey in beating cancer. At 38 she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Kidney cancer. What made this an even greater challenge was that it is a cancer mostly found in men 60 and older....Seemingly from the start she was behind in the race. When presented with the opportunity to design a table for Hope Lodge I struggled with how to manifest a design that would honor my sister and communicate a clear message of "hope." I began to think about the only part of my sister's journey that I was able to her very last chemo treatment she was brought into this room, with family and friends, doctors and nurses who cared for her and she rang this bell hanging on the wall. It was loud, it was joyful, it was a moment of pure celebration. She had not only finished, but she has won her race! The design celebrates winning the race, it represents a moment of victory, but most importantly is shows that there is HOPE for an end!!

Design by Eric Haydel
Design by Eric Haydel.

Brett Helsham: My theme for the table was "under the sea". With it being Hope Lodge's 10th anniversary, we tried to put ourselves in the shoes of a ten year old—where they are still blissfully unaware of the hardships in life, yet are still holding on to fantasies where mermaids and unicorns are a possibility. Translating that to Hope Lodge, we wanted our table to say, at least for a night, let's be blissfully unaware and just have fun. We used the table cloth to evoke mermaid skin, black lights, and neon jellyfish to bring some fun colour to the table, while keeping it mature and sexy for the night.

Ashley Darryl: I wanted to create a table that felt like Thanksgiving at your grandparents home. I love

Design by Brett Haydel.
Design by Brett Helsham.

reminiscing back to these times in my life, where family is gathered around the table. When people come to Hope Lodge they need comfort and I wanted my table to evoke that feeling in people.

Bachman Brown: I had just watched Sophia Coppola's Marie Antoinette and I had forgotten how sumptuous it was. When I had the opportunity to design a table exclusively for our honoree, Michael Aram, I jumped. What an exquisite way to highlight all of his pieces! Of course I also love adding a little of my own Southern heritage into everything I do. I felt the Spanish moss and branches, while lending a bit of Southern mystique, balanced perfectly with Aram's whimsical designs.

Design by Ashley Darryl
Design by Ashley Darryl.

NYS: Now that you've successfully completed your first "Bash" what expert advice would you like to give to next year's crop of new designers?

Eric Haydel: New designers should dream big! Think outside the 72" circle and design to tell a story. A story that is bigger than yourself and bigger than cancer! Create a design that reflects HOPE for a cure.

Brett Helsham: Have fun with your theme, but pick it early. Get all the items from sponsors like glassware and chargers lined up out of the gate and keep in constant communication with the vendors to make sure all items will arrive on time! At the end of the night, make sure you have ample help to pack up. And just have fun!

Ashley Darryl: I wish I had been able to leave more on my table when guests arrive. A lot of it had to be boxed up after photos/press. If I were to do it again, I would want to use more items that could stay on the table and be seen throughout the night!

Design by Bachman Brown
Design by Bachman Brown.

Bachman Brown: 3 Tips:

* Double-check your cufflinks/studs for your tuxedo. Your intern will not love running to Bergdorfs to pick up new ones.

* Hire your own clean-up crew for the end of the night. It is a worthwhile luxury.

* Having edible treats on your table is the gift that keeps on giving.

Taylor Spellman: Dream big! I was so inspired by the veteran designers and the creations that came alive from the table. Chic and sophisticated is my go to aesthetic and I look forward to using next year's gala to make a design that is over the top, very fun and different from my norm.

Laura Krey: I would definitely advise designers to make sure to bring a team, or at least another person, to assist them the day-of. I thought I could install everything myself and was so thankful that volunteers were on-hand to help out.

Design by Brett Helsham
Design by Brett Helsham.

Jeannine Williams: My advice for next year's designers is to think big and think outside the box. Go big or go home! This is an opportunity to express your design creativity so go for it! Think whimsically and imaginatively. Hope Lodge has such a beautiful mission, this is the time to make a beautiful table that celebrates their cause.

Elizabeth Pash: Make a plan well in advance so that your design is in place and your vendor partners are on board early on. I was able to do this, so that the crucial weeks before the event were relatively easy.

Stacy Garcia: Most importantly, have fun with your design! Make your table a conversation starter. There are so many amazing people in attendance and having this component is a great way to meet new people.

Lindsay MacRae: Your table will be viewed from two standpoints - at a distance and close up. While it is important to execute the details, don't be afraid to go over-the-top with your centerpiece. It will be everyone's first impression and what guests are buzzing about after the event.

HOpe Lodge Birthday Bash
Left to right: Designs by Eric Haydel, Taylor Spellman, and Jeannine Williams.

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