December 11, 2017

"The American House: 100 Contemporary Homes" is a Beautiful Compendium of Design

Hannah Jenkins, editor of 'The American House' give us a sneak peek into the array of American architects and firms featured in the new book from Images Publishing.

by New York Spaces

100 contemporary homes
The American House: 100 Contemporary Homes edited by Hannah Jenkins.
The American House 100 contemoprary homes
Modern Barn House by Rios Clementi Hale Studios. Photo by John Ellis.

NYS: How did the idea of The American House: 100 Contemporary Homes come about?

Hannah Jenkins: We're consistently seeing excellent house design coming out of the U.S. and in an era where there's so much information available online we wanted to create an invaluable document, a tactile snapshot of current-day design across the country, and a long-lasting resource to inspire quality design not only in the US but globally.

NYS: What was the undertaking of this project like? How did you narrow down the homes you wanted to showcase?

Hannah Jenkins: We wanted to make sure we had an array of projects so that the reader could flick through the pages and be inspired, regardless of their housing requirements.

Christopher Mercier
Design by Christopher Mercier (fer)Studio. Photo by Jak Coyier.

NYS: Once you finalized the list, was there a common tonality in the book that you found to be prevalent throughout?

Hannah Jenkins: Big space, a prominent sense of escape, and architectural framing of topography.

NYS: What was one of your favorite homes and why?

Hannah Jenkins: Mw|Works Architecture + Design's Little House—This beautifully refined take on a 'cabin in the woods' is in complete harmony with the idyllic surrounds and would no doubt make one feel immersed to the point of reluctant return.

Carol Kurth – Art House 2.0 – This project is a fabulous and sophisticated example of the creation of a home based on the lifestyle and interests of the client.

Carol Furth
Design by Carol Furth.

NYS: Is there a particular architect or designer you most identify in the book? If so, why?

Hannah Jenkins: Mw|Works Architecture + Design—Their work speaks in bounds to the wine, cheese, and good book in dreamy surrounds side of us.

NYS: We love the focus on sustainable living in the book. What draws you to this topic?

Hannah Jenkins: These days, many architects strive to design houses that incorporate sustainable features and we're enthusiastic about the idea of providing them with a platform to share their ideas.

NYS: What are some examples of homes in the book where the architects most adapted to their signature styles to accommodate the local topography and climate?

Hannah Jenkins: Fougeron Architecture's Fall House is an impressive example of a home designed to assimilate with the dramatic topography and climate of California's rugged central coast.

Finne Architects' Deschutes House was specifically designed to preserve a beautiful stone ledge facing the Deschutes River in Oregon.

NYS: What are some of the most incredible sustainable architectural details you came across in the

Barnes Coy Architects
Barnes Coy Architects. Photo by Paul Domzal_EdgeMedia Digital.

editing of this book?

Hannah Jenkins: Finne Architects' Elliot Bay House boasts many sustainable features. All interior wood is FSC certified, it is highly energy efficient (40 percent higher than the required code), and it includes a radiant hydronic heating system.

NYS: Carol Kurth Architecture's Hobby Ban is incredibly unique. What drew you to featuring this residence?

Hannah Jenkins: We loved how the architect was able to accommodate the contemporary lives of a creative couple and their family, whilst maintaining the historic character of the original home built in 1880.

NYS: What do you most love about this book? Why do you think our readers will appreciate it?

Hannah Jenkins: It's variety! There really is something for everyone in this book.

NYS: Where can we find it!

Hannah Jenkins: Good booksellers everywhere and online from the Images Publishing Group.

Dan Brunn Architecture
Dan Brunn Architecture. Photo by Brandon Shigeta.

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