August 2, 2017

The Insider's Guide to East End Lifestyle with The Antique's Diva & Co. Hamptons Tour

The world's expert on uncovering hidden gems teams up with local designers for a behind-the-scenes look at New York's most inspiring region.

by Garrett Bond

AnTiques Diva Co
Hamptons Inspiration, History, Design, and Lifestyle Tour; Designers relaxing on an outdoor terrace by Libby Langdon, featuring her new outdoor collection; Photograph: Antiques Diva & Company.

If you've ever tried to plan a trip to the Hamptons, you've probably wondered where to begin. With so much to offer, from home and garden tours to luxury shopping, farm stands and flea markets, there's hardly enough time to see the whole island and know that you've gotten the most out of your trip.

Answering the challenge is Toma Clark Haines, CEO of The Antiques Diva and Company, the world's largest Antiques touring company. Taking American design and culture aficionados on tours across 15 different countries in Europe and Asia, Toma has now proudly launched her first-ever tours across the US. Perfect for the out of town designer, art aficionado, or history and culture buff, her recent Hamptons Inspiration, History, Design, and Lifestyle Tour showcased the best that the Hamptons has to offer in classic Diva style.

Hamptons Inspiration, History, Design, and Lifestyle Tour
Hamptons Inspiration, History, Design, and Lifestyle Tour; Photograph: The Antiques Diva & Company.
The East Hampton Mulford Antique Show (photo credit: Doni Belau)
The East Hampton Antique Show sponsored by the East Hampton Historical Society; Photograph: Doni Belau.

"All of our tours use our dedicated team of local Diva guides to offer an insider look at design and lifestyle no matter where in the world you choose to tour," says Toma. "I can't be everywhere at once, so I feel incredibly lucky to work with such skilled and passionate local talent."

The East Hampton Mulford Antique Show (photo credit: Doni Belau)
Laurin Copen Antiques; Photograph: Antiques Diva & Company.

Taking place over two days this July, renowned local designer and Diva guide Tamara Matthews Stephenson led the group to a number of off-the-beaten-path antique shop gems, the home of famed painter Jackson Pollock, renowned insider gardens and showhouses, restaurants, a local farmer's market, the East Hampton Antique Show (sponsored by the East Hampton Historical Society and held on one of the Hampton's oldest farms with a 16th-century Dutch windmill) and the studios of local designers. Accompanied as always with tastes of local wine, the tour guaranteed an insider's look at the Hamptons as fun as it was inspiring.

Learning to create wallpaper at the studio of Elizabeth Dow Home (credit: Antiques Diva & Company)
Learning to create wallpaper at the studio of Elizabeth Dow Home; Photograph: Antiques Diva & Company.

"Many people know about the beautiful beaches, shopping, and gorgeous farmland in the Hamptons," says Stephenson. "But there is also a plethora of history, design, culture, art and antiques. For generations, the Hamptons has lured artists, designers and creative talents from all corners of the globe with all it has to offer. As a life-long resident of Eastern Long Island, it is my pleasure to bring an insider's viewpoint to the Hamptons antiques and design tour, which I hope will help to instill a deeper appreciation of this incredibly rich, community."

The Madoo Nature Conservancy (credit: Antiques Diva & Company)
The Madoo Nature Conservancy; Photograph: Antiques Diva & Company.

The Antiques Diva offers personalized individual tours alongside group tours. Her newly-launching USA tours will cover Connecticut, Brooklyn, Massachusetts, and Texas.

Jackson Pollock's home (credit: Antiques Diva & Company)
Jackson Pollock’s home; Photograph: Antiques Diva & Company.

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