February 27, 2016

The Mesmerizing Photographs of Ves Pitts

How many artists are in New York City? How many actually stop you in your tracks with their work? Meet Ves Pitts, one of a handful that are changing the photographic landscape.

by Jason Kontos

Ves PItts
"We live in a fragmented society," says Pitts. "That's what I love about New York. You meet so many different types of people. A portrait, to me, is creating a fragment that might be more unconscious." In the image above, Pitts, took a photograph of a performance artist and through layering and manipulation created a dimensional, hypnotic image that reflects the idea of a police state.
Ves PItts
"I am fascinated by layers. Both visible and invisible. I like to break
down how we view things, how things can change." -Pitts

We've come a long way from the dawn of photography. At their inception, daguerreotypes clearly and forever revolutionized visual language. And since then, we have continuously revolutionized the medium—the way we use it and how we incorporate it into our lives. For a while, photography became almost superfluous. Every Tom, Dick, or Harry owned a state-of-the-art digital camera and fancied himself a photographer. But in recent years, with the advent of social media platforms such as Instagram, the opposite became true. The stand out image-makers aren't just taking pretty pictures, they are taking things a step further. One such Brooklyn-based photographer, Ves Pitts, is a true artist in every form. A frequent visitor to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden for inspiration, Pitts will take a photograph of a plant and then change the entire perception of what the original image was. He's never content to leave things as they are. And with the capabilities of the software programs—why should he? "I layer and work out ideas of my own construct. I take a stream of consciousness approach, but with the intent of orchestrating a science fiction-like look," he says.

Ves Pitts
Ves Pitts.

Pitts offers a new way of looking at the world, of getting beyond the surface. His work inspires a dream-like feeling that galvanizes the imagination. This isn't the watered-down, tweeted photo of your co-worker's lunch or your neighbor's puppy (as cute as it may be). Or even the print you bought at the new gallery next door. This is new and invigorating. And it can add that much-needed dimension to both a residential or a commercial space—it shouldn't always be about nice design. He's a provocative modern maker, and one of many coming out of Brooklyn. Artist's are always on the edge—slowly but surely transforming the physical and metaphysical landscape. Keep your eye on this one—his work is truly hypnotizing.

View some of Ves Pitts' Work.

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