September 4, 2017

Tim Campbell's visual journey on beauty is captured in his new book, 'Intentional Beauty'

Tim Cambell's beautiul new book, 'Intentional Beauty,' is currently available for pre-order and will hit shelves on October 30, 2017!

by New York Spaces

INtentional Beauty book by Tim Campbell
'Intentional Beauty,' by Tim Campbell and published by Pointed Leaf Press hits shelves October 30, 2017.
Tim Campbell
Tim Campbell.

NYS: Tell us about Intentional Beauty. What kind of projects do you cover in the book survey?

Tim Campbell: The book is about personal journey to understanding beauty's purpose. I cover a range of projects from restorations of a few significant homes to interiors work and finally Africa—the place where it all came together for me.

NYS: Tell us about your work on Richard Neutra's Singleton House!

Tim Campbell: My clients Ronnie and Vidal Sassoon purchased the house in a state of terrible disrepair. We restored the house back to its original glory and expanded it respectfully so that it could have another 100 years of life.

NYS: What have you come across architecture-wise relating to difference in LA and NYC?

Tim Campbell: There are quite a few similarities but the differences are vast; in LA my canvas is generally large and unrestricted while in NY due to code and density the canvas is generally smaller and more restricted. Both drive creativity in a very good way and I love working in both places equally.

TIm Campbell INtentional Beauty
Barragan House; "Intentional Beauty" by Tim Campbell.

NYS: What is one of your favorite projects showcased in the book and why?

Tim Campbell: It would have to be the Rex Lotery house in Beverly Hills I restored for one of my favorite clients of all time. Its the sexiest house I've ever seen and its cited on a spectacular piece of property in Beverly Hills. I've always thought Peggy Lee must have spent hours at the bar in the Adult Playroom in deep conversation with Bing Crosby.

NYS: How did you choose each project to be featured? Are they all different architecturally?

Tim Campbell: We chose the projects around the structure of the book really. Restoration, Interiors, Spec Houses and Process. They are all quite different.

NYS: When did you first go to Africa and what draws you to the continent?

The Printing House_Karyn R Millet_
Photograph by Karyn R Millet.

Tim Campbell: We first went in 2006 and we've been back every year since- sometimes twice a year. It's the place that calms my soul and takes me back to my primal self. Beyond that the needs of the people remind me of my fortune of blessings and to act to make others' lives better.

NYS: Why do you think it is important for people to respect the architecture of a historic home when renovating it?

Tim Campbell: Its critical to identify the character defining qualities of a historic home—the soul of the house is revealed in those details. Be mindful of those qualities and the soul survives.

NYS: What are you working on now?

Tim Campbell: I'm working on an 1845 townhouse in the West Village which is in a terrible state of disrepair. I love that we'll restore the property to a first class restoration and that the building will remain an asset to the community for another 100 years or more. That work to me is most important.

Campbell Apartment
"Intentional Beauty" by Tim Campbell.

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