November 20, 2017

Tina Ramchandani's Venetian-Inspired Table Design for Hope Lodge's 10 Year Bash!

On Tuesday, November 7th, the 10th Annual Hope Lodge Birthday Bash took place at Guastavino's to benefit The American Cancer Society's Hope Lodge.

by New York Spaces

Tina Marchandi
Photography: Generic Brand Human Media Productions.
Tina Marchandi
Photography: Generic Brand Human Media Productions.

NYS: What made you decide to participate in Hope Lodge? What was the experience like for you?

Tina Ramchandani: This was my second year participating in the Hope Lodge Gala. I learned about the cause last year and I was blown away by all the good the foundation does, completely under the radar. I've walked past the NYC Hope Lodge location for years and had no idea how many people were being helped right at my doorstep. Everyone associated with Hope Lodge + The American Cancer Society is so kind and generous, I was glad to be able to help in any way possible.

NYS: Tell us about the design of your table! What was the theme?

Tina Ramchandani: I recently returned from a trip to Venice, which was my first trip to Italy! I immediately fell in love with the city and all it had to offer. There was beauty at every turn, it was romantic, sophisticated, and elegant. I felt it was the perfect backdrop for the 10 year anniversary tables, celebrating hope, looking to the future, and inspiration of what's to come.

NYS: What made you want to do a Venice-inspired design? What are some of the details you included to showcase the magic of Venice?

Tina Ramchandani: I wanted to bring the romance of the city to the table, so we partnered with Newel, using several stunning antiques as the central focus of our table, such as Italian Renaissance brass candlesticks, a gilded mirror tray and more, overflowing with flowers. While in Venice I saw cascading florals at every turn, which we tried to replicate with the abundance of flowers on our centerpiece items with the help of Olga from Sahola NY.

We wanted to showcase the beauty of Italy while creating a modern tablescape that would resonate with everyone. We paired the Newel antiques with modern tableware by Lenox, such as the Radiance Summer Series and Marchesa scalloped plates, to bring an exciting element to the table.

Tina Marchandi
Photography: Generic Brand Human Media Productions.

The Robert Allen fabrics tied both antique + modern together to complete the Venetian look, with blues and soft pinks and purples. Upholstery was by The Work Room.

NYS: When did it all really start to come together?

Tina Ramchandani: We had a vision in mind, and the Newel products were a natural fit. Finding the Lenox pieces were an exciting experience, playing with scale and color at the 41 Madison showroom. That's when we finally felt it the design coming together. We had so many Robert Allen fabrics to choose from, narrowing it down was the toughest part!

NYS: If you could design another table with a no-holds-barred choice of products and tabletop, what would your table look like?

Tina Ramchandani: That's so hard to say! I do want to design a table on a grander scale. I'd like to create a centerpiece that has great height and intricate details, so there are surprises at every angles.

NYS: Why was it important to for you to participate as a designer at the Hope Lodge Bash?

Tina Ramchandani: I like to give back to causes close to my heart, with the talents that I have. I can certainly give funds, and I do, but designing a table, or a space, brings joy and excitement to the cause, and helps bring awareness and gets others involved as well.

NYS: What were some of your other favorite tables and why?

Tina Ramchandani: There were so many beautiful designs, it's really hard to have a favorite. I absolutely loved Peti Lau's Peacock themed table, and Ashley Darryl's cotton filled table.

NYS: What are you working on now?

Tina Ramchandani: The New Year is right around the corner, so we're trying to wrap things up for our clients so they can have an easy holiday season. We're in the middle of designing two new projects, one on Leroy Street and one in Greenwich Village, and in the process of scheduling installations for two homes in New Jersey.

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