January 16, 2018

Unique Custom Design Solutions from Banker Wire

Banker Wire's Vice President Harrison Horan talks about the infinite ways woven and welded wire mesh can be used to create unique custom solutions.

by New York Spaces

Renaissance Gateway, Atlanta
Renaissance Gateway, Atlanta.
Brooklyn Bridge Hotel 1
1 Brooklyn Bridge Hotel.

NYS: When was the company founded? And how has Banker Wire made its mark on woven and welded wire mesh in the marketplace?

Harrison Horan, VP of Banker Wire: Banker Wire was first established in 1896 as C.I. Banker Wire & Iron Works. The company flourished in Milwaukee as one of many early metal fabricators by making use of inexpensive steel. We specialized in fabricating wrought iron and wire products such as fire escapes, tool room partitions and bank teller cages.

The company changed hands a few times and was reduced to simply a buy-and-sell distributor of wire mesh. Thanks to new ownership in 1965, C.I. Banker was brought back to life with a desire to start manufacturing modern day woven wire mesh. C.I. Banker started to develop looms and crimpers based on the company's own design in order to begin manufacturing wire mesh. New opportunities created demand for state-of-the-art tooling, looms and capabilities. Soon enough, our overall product manufacturing range grew to become the largest in the industry.

In 2009, Banker Wire turned its attention toward welded wire mesh. The growing customer base that came to appreciate the quality and commitment to customer satisfaction from our woven wire products also embraced our entry into the welded wire mesh market with fantastic support. We continue to grow in welded wire mesh, adding new equipment and capabilities annually.

165 Fleet Street
165 Fleet Street.

NYS: What is the first step to designing a custom wire mesh solution with Banker Wire?

Harrison Horan: Understanding how wire mesh functions and adds visual interest to an environment should always come at the start of the conversation. Banker Wire offers a broad range of products in terms of spacing, diameter, alloy and secondary finishes. A designer can choose from over 8,000 different combinations to play with. If the customer wants to develop a completely custom spacing never before created, Banker Wire can utilize existing tooling and even cut new tooling, in-house, to create a unique sample for approval.

NYS: Why should fabricators choose wire mesh?

Harrison Horan: Wire mesh can be manufactured in an enormous range of spacing and diameters, not to mention it is highly affordable. This material is highly functional and feasible for just about any application. When choosing wire mesh, fabricators should expect top quality and consistency. Banker Wire knows this matters to our customers.

NYS: What are some of your favorite custom projects?

BankerWire Door
Banker Wire Door.

Harrison Horan: In Atlanta, the Renaissance Atlanta Airport Gateway Hotel recently opened a bar and restaurant—Hickory & Hazel Southern Table and Bar. It features a floating liquor display above the bar. Banker Wire's antique brass plated woven wire mesh, M22-37, offers a beautiful pattern amidst the bright colors of liquor bottles.

Wire mesh can be used in a creative manner for a wide variety of applications. A New York City-based design firm chose to use our SJD-21 woven wire mesh as decorative cladding over a bronze-colored metal laminate to create an expansive set of screens for an Italian leather goods boutique in Manhattan.

NYS: Tell us about the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge project! Why was Banker Wire's mesh chosen for the interior living walls?

Harrison Horan: 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge opened in 2017 in Brooklyn's Dumbo neighborhood. The hotel's eco-friendly interiors showcase a touch of greenery everywhere—from the guest rooms to the public spaces. The lobby, in particular, showcases a vertical green wall that measures 25 feet and is made from Banker Wire's wire mesh pattern I-21 to create a woven fixture screen and custom welded wire mesh hanging baskets for vegetation.

1 Brooklyn Bridge Hotel
1 Brooklyn Bridge Hotel Lobby.

Harrison Green, a New York City landscape design firm, came up with this innovative concept and tasked AgroSci, with overseeing the installation of this unique, natural feature in the lobby. The vertical wall blends industrial elements with natural ones against a backdrop of concrete and steel and is laid out in such a way to ensure that vegetation can grow organically over the canvas.

For this installation, the I-21 woven wire mesh is powder-coated in black and helped provide a grid to affix the welded baskets to. To give the impression that plants were reclaiming the location using steel as a main element, AgroSci chose the intercrimp motif, which is usually seen in window guards and fire escapes in most urban spaces.

NYS: What would you most like interior designers and architects to know about Banker Wire?

Harrison Horan: Wire mesh is a timeless, decorative material. Since its invention, wire mesh has grown to include an abundance of raw material and pattern choices. Over the years, a wide range of densities and patterns have been manufactured making wire mesh an economical and aesthetic choice for a variety of applications for the industrial and ornamental industries.

Renaissance Gateway Atlanta
Renaissance Gateway, Atlanta.

NYS: What is one interesting fact about wire mesh that most people wouldn't know?

Harrison Horan: Wire mesh is an extremely versatile material and it's been growing in popularity for use within a number of applications. Wire mesh is the perfect medium to satisfy any project from parking garages to millwork and cladding, from space dividers and displays to fences and enclosures. It's multifaceted nature establishes it as a favored material for any project—whether its functional, detail-oriented, aesthetic, creative, commercial or ornamental.

About Banker Wire

Banker Wire is the world's leading manufacturer of woven and welded wire mesh for architectural and industrial applications. With the most modern and productive mill in the U.S., Banker Wire provides custom-weaved material for any aesthetic on any scale – from intricate design highlights to expansive building facades. Founded in 1896, Banker Wire's manufacturing expertise has been refined for more than a century, bringing unmatched customization, quality, and service to customers. State-of-the-art grid welding equipment provide a wide variety of wire alloy, spacing and diameter configurations, trimmed or untrimmed. For more information visit www.bankerwire.com.

1 Brooklyn Bridge Hotel
1 Brooklyn Bridge Hotel.

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