February 28, 2015

Clodagh Creates an Art-Filled Modern Home in the West Village

In a West Village residence overlooking the Hudson River, Clodagh creates a refined modern haven.

by Judith Nasatir interior designer Clodagh photographer Peter Margonelli


Second sight? Inner vision? Whatever you want to call it, Irish-born designer Clodagh has a sixth sense for creating unique design harmonies-as her clients happily attest. The earthily modern, family friendly, art-filled West Village apartment with gobsmacking Hudson River vistas and elegant mid-century accents that she designed for David J. Wine and Michael MacElhenny is just the latest example. The couple's first-ever downtown (read contemporary) residence, it reveals Clodagh's particular practical magic: deft spatial organization, unexpected material invention, super smart product design, and expertly choreographed light and color, all in the service of effortless functionality couched in deep, deep comfort. Having worked with Wine on three projects during his years as vice chair of Related Companies (he launched Oliver's Realty Group in 2010), she knew that "he has uber-good taste. So does Michael," she says. "Because they have such good taste, and because we already knew what they liked, it was an easy process."

Clodagh explains that the couple wanted a place to host family and friends, with a quiet spot for work and study and ample display space for their art. That, in a glass-walled, 3,250-square-foot, two-bedroom bombshell of style replete with custom and tightly curated mid-century furnishings (Hans Wegner's Papa Bear chair, Noguchi's Akari lamp, Borge Mogensen's dining chairs and Hansen barstools from Wyeth, among them), objects, and eye-popping art, is precisely what she gave them.

Clodagh believes in "defining space without confining space, and designing the complexities out of the surroundings." She's made those maxims manifest here, from an opening spatial gambit of foyer, powder room, closet, and pantry (solving a feng shui issue) to furniture selection and placement for partners who love to entertain. "The color in each room promotes the activity," she adds. That's true both micro, in the pillows' saturated splashes, and macro, in a terra-cotta red pantry and fresh blue-gray laundry. From hand-troweled plaster to combed papier-mâché finishes, the touch of the hand-a Clodagh signature-enhances interior views.