November 7, 2017

What's New at Decor NYC with Bruce Tilley

Bruce Tilley brings us his favorite new designs to hit Decor NYC's showroom floor.

by Bruce Tilley of Decor NYC

What's New at Decor NYC

by Bruce Tilley

Vintage Fornasetti
Vintage Fornasetti "Palloni" Side Table at Decor NYC .

A whimsical vintage Fornasetti accent table will bring joy and color to any room and add character. Placed next to a midcentury modern chair and the juxtaposition would be perfect. Definitely a personality, and an accent piece that will stand the test of time.

Dakota Jackson Nuevo Tango Credenza
Dakota Jackson Nuevo Tango Credenza.

For openers, this piece is magical. Pun intended!

This modern elegant and stunning sideboard, with classic clean lines on sexy curvy legs, features stark black and white parchment contrast doors. It is visually appealing as well as functional to say the least.

Hermes "Metiers Collection" Desk Ensemble on Decor NYC.

Talk about collectible furnishings, Hermes is the most desirable luxury brand in the entire world and looking at the simplicity yet detailed craftsmanship of this desk ensemble we know why.

Hermes applies their old world skills of saddlery and leatherwork to each design. The latest tools developed by the technical teams are always on hand and a leather worker performs all assembly operations—the sewing, and finishing of Hermès leather goods are entirely crafted by hand.

Great manual dexterity, ability to work unsupervised, and respect for quality are some of the qualities that characterize a leather worker who puts their name to the object they have brought to life. These pieces are in our gallery front windows and they sure are eye catching.

Sculptural Bowtie Bench by Adrian Pearsall  on Decor NYC
Sculptural Bowtie Bench by Adrian Pearsall on Decor NYC.

Adrian Pearsall is considered to be one of the earliest influencers of early modern furniture design.

This newly reupholstered sculptural "Bowtie bench" is upholstered in a tweed style fabric with a biscuit-tufted seat, self-buttons and a refinished Walnut base. The modern updates breathe new life into this classic and iconic design. It is the perfect bench that will be lovely at the foot of a bed, in an entrance or sitting next to a coffee table in your living room—it is extraordinary!

Christopher Spitzmiller
Christopher Spitzmiller "Patricia" Lamp.

All Christopher Spitzmiller lamps have great attributes since they are all handcrafted and attention to detail is his forte, but this one lamp n particular stands in a class by itself for several reasons; It's hand-signed and dated by Christopher himself, and is the same Sptizmiller design that was selected and used in the Oval Office during the Obama administration. It can't get any better than that.

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