July 6, 2016

White Webb Designs a Fashion-Forward Upper West Side Apartment

A stylish New Jersey couple embraces a new palette on the Upper West Side, with the help of White Webb.

by Deborah L. Martin interior designer White Webb, LLC photographer Art Gray


Design team Matthew White and Frank Webb are opposites: Webb is a modernist and White has a passion for the classics. This convergence of styles has become their signature, and is one reason a fashion-savvy New Jersey couple reached out to the design team. "[The wife] saw our bedroom suite in the 2008 Kips Bay Decorator Show House and remembered it when they were ready to hire a designer for their new apartment," says White.

The designers felt that the couple appreciated their combination of wit and sophistication, as well as their blend of modern and traditional elements. The clients, who both work in the fashion industry, are very knowledgeable about design. "It is such a pleasure to work with clients who do research and are engaged in the process," says White.

The dining room is a study in blue, with a splash of color from the painting by Terrell James, Miss Hecker’s Clandestine Jazz Club, Mitte. The Zimmer + Rohde dining table is surrounded by chairs covered in fabric from Coraggio, and is illuminated by a 1950s glass-and-brass chandelier from Antiqueria Tribeca.

The apartment they chose was new, however it was designed to look like a prewar building. The structural changes were minimal: the designers closed off one of the bedrooms to create a media room. The entry is via a long gallery that opens into the living room facing elegant curved windows. A custom sofa is flanked by pair of graceful Marco Zanuso Senior chairs, covered in green wool velvet from Pierre Frey, and a classic Vladimir Kagan Shorty sofa. The windows are bracketed by massive panels created by artist Clare Graham for the space, and are composed of tin can lids, attached with tiny brass nails. The effect, says Webb, is evocative of the 18th-century pier mirror, designed to reflect light from the windows into the space. The natural color variation in the different tins adds to the effect. Says Webb, "they are beautiful during the day, but at night they shimmer and the effect is glamorous."

To the left of the living room, the dining room is done in shades of watery blue, and on the right, the media room is rich purple with pops of cinnabar in the pillows and the striped rug. In the bedrooms, the designers used a range of pale colors in the lilac family. The effect is soothing and soft, and not overly feminine. "Although the colors [throughout the apartment] are deeply saturated, they all work together," says Webb. "But," adds White, "we also wanted the rooms to have the feeling of distinct environments."

A Madeline Stuart Balzac bench, through Jerry Pair, is covered in Sahco’s Giudecca fabric. Painting by Bonney Goldstein, from Cancio Contemporary.

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