March 31, 2015

Q&A With Stacy Garcia On Her DIFFA Booth Design

Designer Stacy Garcia answers our questions on her fabulous table design for DIFFA's Dining by Design.

by New York Spaces

Stacy Garcia and her table for DIFFA's Dining by Design.
Photo by Christopher DeMairo.

NYS: You recently designed a table for DIFFA's Dining by Design. What was that process like?

Stacy Garcia: Our design process is always research based. As a first time sponsor, we spent time analyzing displays of the past, what we liked, and what we thought showed well. We rarely get the opportunity to design for ourselves without parameters, so we knew we needed to create a cohesive concept. Our main criterion became the use of our new wallpaper collection, Paper Muse for York Wallcoverings.

NYS: Was it your first time designing a table for Dining by Design? Would you do it again? (why, if so)

SG: Yes, we were first timers, but would be delighted to be part of this amazing event again!

NYS: What led you to design a spring-themed table?

Stacy Garcia's Table For DIFFA's Dining by Design.
Photo by Christopher DeMairo.

SG: Starting the design process during the dead of winter, it didn't take long for us to decide we wanted to celebrate spring. Luckily, this also seemed to inherently complement the launch of our new line. The collection features velvet flocks and oversized watercolor florals that nicely accented our whimsical ode to spring and allowed Paper Muse to become the highlight of the booth. The vintage furnishings, patterned layers of wallpaper, and three-dimensional, sculptural surprises crafted from our new collection all worked to make springtime come alive.

NYS: Was there a certain design element that caught your eye and brought the whole concept together?

SG: Definitely the wallpaper. My favorite were the blown up flowers and butterflies attached to the walls that were made by layering two to three different layers from Paper Muse in the shape of the patterns found throughout the collection. Our vintage Fenton glass figurines were a close second, especially the snail!

Design by Stacy Garcia. Photo by Christopher DeMairo.

NYS: What were some of the main products you used?

SG: We used a variety of unique furnishings and accessories, marrying a mix of contemporary and vintage pieces. The wallpaper is by Stacy Garcia | New York for York Wallcoverings. We paired Bernhardt's Henley Dining Table with their Gustav chairs, upholstered in blue velvet fabric, by Stacy Garcia | New York. Lenox provided beautiful stemware, as well as their Imperial gold flatware by Marchesa. We also curated a selection of vintage pieces including Plates by Spode, amethyst goblets and whimsical glass figurines by Fenton.

NYS: Where can consumers find your new wallcoverings collection?

SG: Paper Muse is available internationally and can be ordered through local York Wallcoverings representatives or showrooms. In Manhattan, we can be found in Sonia's Place Inc. in the D&D Building, as well as in Janovic Plaza.

NYS: How did you create the flowers and butterflies seen throughout your space?

SG: We worked with artisans and craftsman to hand make all of the individual flowers and butterflies out of our wallpaper. The paper was applied to heavier material and then glued and molded along the backdrop making each element pop.

NYS: You are an expert in color forecasting. Did that influence your choice of color palette? If so, why?

Design by Stacy Garcia. Photo by Christopher DeMairo.

SG: As the chairholder of The Color Marketing Group, the premier international association for color design professionals, I work with many manufacturers to figure out what colors will resonate with consumers in the future. What is interesting and challenging about forecasting home design trends is that the colors aren't in and out fast, as they are in the fashion industry. We are designing investment pieces for the luxury residential world, so rather than forecasting fast changing trends, we instead like to highlight colors that inspire. Every month we feature a color in our monthly Inspiration Journal newsletter. For March, we spotlighted Parisian Purple, which we seamlessly integrated into our booth at DIFFA, Dining by Design.

NYS: What colors should we expect to see in abundance this spring?

SG: Currently there is a more optimistic undercurrent within the consumer subconscious. On the whole, we see a shift towards warm, welcoming neutrals and happier, brighter hues. Pastels have made a comeback as a sophisticated, yet understated, way to infuse color into our homes.

NYS: How can someone re-create the look of your table on the fly?

Design by Stacy Garcia. Photo by Christopher DeMairo.

SG: Here are three tips to recreate the look of my table on the fly:

Add an Element of Whimsy
For our table, we used an assortment of small glass figurines in the shape of animals to not only differentiate each place setting, but also add an eclectic, fanciful element to the overall design.

Mix in Metals
We thoughtfully incorporated chic metals to juxtapose the floral and femininity of the overall booth. From the gold-rimmed plates and gold flatware, to the aluminum vases and polished chrome chairs, incorporating a mix of metals into your design is a great way to add a little surprise and character to your space.

Incorporate Varying Heights
Varying the height of statement and focal pieces on a table add interest. We actually selected to use floor vases

Design by Stacy Garcia. Photo by Christopher DeMairo.

to add extra drama to the center of the table. Not only did we use this technique in our centerpieces, but we also used tall and short glassware.

NYS: What is a surprising way to define a room?

SG: Wallpaper! Wallpaper is a beautiful way to completely transform a space. Don't be afraid to be bold and choose patterns that play with scale or pop with color. Use it on every wall of a room. You can also add texture to a room—some of our wallcoverings are designed with glitter or glass beads that are subtle, yet add dimension and a rich layer to a room.

NYS: What was the best aspect of participating in Dining by Design?

SG: Not only is this an important cause that we are honored to be able to support, but it was also an amazing opportunity for us to be in the mix with other designers that we admire. The DIFFA Dining by Design event attracts such a high quality of work and level of design and really sets itself apart in that way. The inspiration and energy of the participating design community is unmatched.

Design By Stacy Garcia. Photo by Christopher DeMairo.

NYS: Where can we find you next?

SG: Be on the look out for new product from Stacy Garcia | New York. We've begun the process of developing a textile line that will coordinate with Paper Muse. This will roll out at the beginning of 2016 and will be followed by a line of home accessories and furniture collection. You can also catch me at NYNow this August, a five day event at the Javits Center in New York City, speaking on trends in color and design.

Design by Stacy Garcia for DIFFA's Dining by Design. Photograph by Christopher DeMairo

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